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Which Covid Vaccine Is The Most Effective Against The Delta Variant

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Astrazeneca said in a statement: The moderna coronavirus jab is the most effective against the delta variant, a new study has revealed.

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However, the study said people with two doses had 95% effectiveness against the delta variant.

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Which covid vaccine is the most effective against the delta variant. A canadian study that found the pfizer vaccine to be 87% effective against the delta variant also found that the moderna vaccine was 72% effective against the variant. Period and vaccination status no. An analysis from public health england found the pfizer vaccine was 88% effective against symptomatic cases of delta and 96% effective against hospitalizations from delta.

But they are not 100% effective, and some fully vaccinated people will become infected. Importantly, study authors note that the moderna vaccine appears to be “significantly” more effective against the delta variant. Of contributing participants* total no.

This sparked questions about whether, assuming the study is accurate, people who got pfizer the first time around should get a moderna booster shot?. During his appearance, fauci was also asked about a new study out of minnesota that suggests the moderna vaccine is more effective against the delta variant than the pfizer vaccine. Both studies were published as letters today.

A single dose of the moderna vaccine has similar or greater effectiveness against the delta variant as single doses of the other vaccines. Researchers in israel have compared the natural immunity.

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