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Touhoumon World Link Dex. Hello and welcome to my first walkthrough of touhoumon world link, an hackrom made by aichiya this episode i'm gonna show renko's fetish, the starte. However, here's an uploaded rar of every boneka sprite (in front/back form);

TouhouMon Another World Nintendo AminošŸŽ®! Amino from

It was made available on august 1st, 2011. Normal ex02 last word marisa: Ice psychic ex05 last word remilia:

No F At All, Last Word And Dark Enemy Only.

Boneka idolldex #270 hoenn dex #124 exp. Only one type of flandre (chibi>normal>ex). Note that the idolldex numbers have changed.

Until The Overhaul Is Complete, I Suggest That You Leave Them For Now, Since They Will All Eventually Be Replaced Anyway.

Ghost grass ex08 last word yukari : 387 rows the complete idolldex list in world link (v 1.42+), containing vital information about. To be honest, i'm actually debating right now whether to do the sevii islands endgame or just complete this lp at the elite four round 1.

Please Note That You Can Still Catch These Boneka.

World link route 110, route 121, route 4, route 5, route 6, route 11, route 24, route 25 another world route 4, route 24, route 25 base stats. And i probably still will. 15 cycles (3840 steps) base exp.

Yes Heart Stone(P) 310 Tsanae:

Touhoumon world link is a rom hack of the english version of pokemon emerald being made by aichiyasanae, started in 2010. In touhoumon world link, another world and marisa's magic world there are 25 boneka that cannot be registered as seen or caught in the idolldex. This rom hack replaces all 386 pokemon present in the game with the various touhou characters (including the ones from recent touhou games, such as undefined fantastic object, double spoiler, touhou hisoutensoku, and fairy wars;

World Link (Most Recent Version, 1.42) Currently Under Construction.

Yes heart stone(p) 259 talice: Please arrange in alphabetical order, and add them in this table using the add row command. This page will list out all the abilities in touhoumon world link and another world.

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