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Tips Sebelum Membeli Suzuki SX4 Bekas yang Tetap Menggoda

suzuki sx4 bekas

Suzuki SX4 bekas has been in high demand among car buyers in recent months. Most of those looking for a used Suzuki SX4 are interested in replacing their daily driver. The SX4 is known for being durable, comfortable, and easy to maintain. Furthermore, the used prices for the SX4 are now very affordable, ranging from Rp60 million to Rp80 million, depending on the condition. Considering these prices, it’s safe to say that the car is quite cheap compared to its original price. Now, let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the used Suzuki SX4 that was once popular.

Advantages of the Suzuki SX4:

1. High Ground Clearance: Many people still rely on this car as their daily driver because it has a high ground clearance. The high ground clearance allows it to handle various road conditions without any issues. This makes the SX4 suitable for exploring different areas without worrying about the car’s ground clearance.

2. Heavy Weight: The SX4 is heavier than its sibling, the Swift. This extra weight makes its handling more stable compared to the Swift. The SX4 also has a suspension that is not too stiff or soft, which many people appreciate.

3. Spacious Cabin: Although it may appear small at first glance, the cabin of the Suzuki SX4 is surprisingly spacious. Both the front and rear passengers will experience a comfortable cabin. Additionally, the cargo space is also large. It’s no wonder that many people still want to buy a used Suzuki SX4.

Disadvantages of the Suzuki SX4:

1. AC Issues: Owners of used Suzuki SX4 often experience problems with the AC, especially the compressor. This issue is usually caused by the age of the car, as well as the lack of maintenance by the previous owner. Regularly changing the compressor oil is recommended to keep the compressor in good condition. Replacing the compressor with one from Nissan is a common solution to ensure longevity.

2. Fragile Racksteer: Another common issue with used Suzuki SX4 is the fragility of the racksteer. This problem is often caused by the rough driving style of the previous owner. Even if the internal components of the racksteer are replaced or repaired, future damage is likely to occur. Replacing the racksteer can be quite expensive, ranging from Rp1.8 million to Rp12 million for a new original set of components.

3. Cylinder Head Packing: Another common problem found in used Suzuki SX4 is the damage to the cylinder head packing in the engine. The M15A engine used in the SX4, Neo Baleno, Aerio, and Swift models often has weaknesses in the packing. This can cause the radiator water to quickly deplete, leading to water entering the combustion chamber. Repairing the cylinder head packing can cost around Rp3 million to Rp4 million, depending on the workshop and the extent of the damage.

Tips for Buying a Used Suzuki SX4:

1. Bring Someone Knowledgeable: It is recommended to bring a friend who is familiar with the SX4 or has experience maintaining it. They will be able to check the car thoroughly during the buying process. If you don’t have any friends with this knowledge, consider using online inspection services to minimize the risk of buying a car in poor condition.

2. Check the Originality of the Interior: Finding a used car in original and good condition can be difficult. Many previous owners replace the seat covers with synthetic or genuine leather, which can affect the aesthetics of the car. It’s best to find a unit that still has the original fabric seats without any damage. Also, check the condition of the dashboard and steering wheel for any signs of wear and tear.

3. Check the Engine: Inspect the engine before and after it has been started. Pay attention to any unusual sounds and ask the owner about them. Listen carefully to the engine to see if it sounds rough. Also, check for any oil leaks or seepage around the engine.

In conclusion, buying a used Suzuki SX4 can be a good option for those looking for a family car. The SX4 offers a comfortable cabin, ensuring a pleasant driving experience. When buying a used car, make sure to have extra funds for potential repairs. With used cars, there will always be some minor repairs or replacements needed. Consider changing the engine oil, transmission oil, and radiator to have a complete maintenance history.

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