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Pilihan Kendaraan Keluarga 2023: Hyundai Stargazer MPV Terfavorit!

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Hyundai Stargazer: The Favorite Family MPV in Family Car Recommendation 2023

Hyundai Stargazer has been named the Favorite Family MPV in the Family Car Recommendation (FCR) 2023, an event organized by ZukuNftNarrative in collaboration with Mobil123 and Autofun Indonesia. The FCR 2023 consists of 9 categories, including Young Couple Family Car, Just The Three of Us, Favorite Family MPV, Everyone Favorite Car, Adventurer, Young Family Choice, 1st Choice For The Eldest, Ready For Urban Adventure, Hi-Tech/Advance Family SUV, and Daddy’s Big Toyz. Each category features various family cars in Indonesia that have been curated by the editorial teams from ZukuNftNarrative, Mobil123, and Autofun. Among them, Hyundai Stargazer emerged as the most promising and became the Favorite Family MPV. Now, let’s delve into why this South Korean car deserves to be the highly recommended family vehicle in the MPV segment.

Hyundai Stargazer: The Most Favorite Family MPV

Based on the evaluations conducted by the team, we unanimously agreed that Hyundai Stargazer deserves the title of Favorite Family MPV in 2023. Our assessment is based on four important points of this family car that has just launched its latest variant, the Essential. These points include Cabin Comfort, Hyundai SmartSense Features, Bluelink Connectivity, and the abundance of compartments in this car manufactured in Karawang, West Java. Now, let’s discuss each point in detail.

Cabin Comfort

The Hyundai Stargazer we selected is the Prime IVT type, which is the highest variant. PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID) has priced this car at IDR 316.2 million (OTR Jakarta as of July 2023). The Prime variant can accommodate 6 passengers with captain seats in the second row. It is rare to find family cars in this segment that utilize captain seats in the second row. Impressive!

The cabin comfort of Hyundai Stargazer that we and the team experienced is outstanding. There is ample legroom and headroom, allowing passengers to move freely. Even the third row is still comfortable for adults, unlike other family cars where the third row is usually less comfortable for adult passengers. The second row features a double blower AC that can distribute cool air to the third row. The front passengers have access to a wireless charger located in front of the gear lever, while the second row has a universal USB slot for smartphone charging. The third row also has a 12-volt lighter charger for passenger’s device charging. These features are quite impressive, right?

Moreover, the second row also has a foldable table accompanied by cup holders. However, we recommend not placing food or drinks on the table while the vehicle is in motion. It’s fine when the car is stationary though.

Hyundai SmartSense Safety Features

The second point that makes Hyundai Stargazer the Most Favorite Family MPV is the presence of Hyundai SmartSense safety features. So, what exactly is Hyundai SmartSense? It consists of several features such as:

1. Forward Collision-avoidance Assist (FCA): The car will automatically apply brakes if it detects an emergency collision risk.
2. Lane Following Assist (LFA): It keeps the car within the lane and automatically switches between high and low beams when there is enough distance or no vehicle ahead.
3. Lane Keeping Assist (LKA): This system automatically helps in steering correction to prevent the vehicle from moving out of its intended lane.
4. Blind-spot Collision-avoidance Assist (BCA – Parallel parking): The LED on the side mirrors will light up to provide a warning. If there is a risk of collision with a vehicle at low speed (0-3 km/h), such as when exiting a parallel parking position, the system will automatically assist in emergency braking.
5. Rear Cross-traffic Collision-avoidance Assist (RCCA): It warns of approaching vehicles from behind and applies automatic braking. The rearview camera aids in parking as well.
6. 6-Airbag system (Driver, Passenger, Side, and Curtain): Airbags are located in the steering wheel, driver and front passenger sides, and the second-row sides.

Bluelink Connectivity

What exactly is Bluelink in Hyundai Stargazer? It is one of the highlighted features by HMID and is an essential part of the car. The presence of Bluelink is expected to make drivers and passengers feel safe wherever they are. It allows users to locate their car, make emergency calls, and even start or turn off the car’s engine with just a smartphone. The best part is that this feature can track the car’s position if it gets stolen. The application provides accurate information about the car’s location. Impressive, right? There are numerous features included in Bluelink. Here is a list of the features available in Hyundai’s Bluelink:

– Auto collision notification
– SOS/Emergency assistance
– Roadside assistance
– Stolen vehicle immobilization
– Stolen vehicle tracking
– Stolen vehicle notification
– Remote engine start
– Remote climate control
– Remote door lock/unlock
– Remote horn and light control
– Find my car
– Manual/automatic diagnostic report
– Driving information and vehicle health report
– Vehicle status check/notification
– Geo-fence notification
– Speed notification
– Time-fence notification
– Valet mode
– Idling time notification

All of these features can only be accessed when you purchase a Hyundai Stargazer.

Abundance of Compartments

Like any other family car, Hyundai Stargazer has an appealing feature in terms of storage space. This can be seen from the abundance of storage compartments from the first to the third row. Hyundai seems to understand how to compete with its rivals in Indonesia, especially since Indonesians prefer cars with ample storage space.

There is a large open storage area on the dashboard. Below it, there is also a small hidden tray that can be opened by pressing a button. In addition, there is a center console in the second row with USB ports, and cup holders on the sides up to the third row.

To carry larger items, owners only need to fold the third-row seats. When folded, the cargo space becomes flat, providing extra space for larger items.


The four points mentioned above make Hyundai Stargazer the Most Favorite Family MPV according to the ZukuNftNarrative, Autofun, and Mobil123 teams. One of the main highlights is the presence of Bluelink in this car. Even for emergency calls, you only need to press the red SOS button located near the center mirror. This feature ensures the owner’s safety and comfort during long journeys. Although the Hyundai Stargazer comes with a relatively high price tag of over IDR 300 million, what do you think, ZukuNftNarrativeans? Is it worth buying?

Author: Rizen Panji
Editor: Dimas

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