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Mengungkap Spesifikasi dan Harga Calon Mobil Listrik Terbaru dari Wuling, Cloud EV

Wuling Cloud EV Eksterior Depan

Wuling Cloud EV, a rumored new electric car, is said to be launching in Indonesia in 2024. This speculation is based on Wuling’s patent registration and spyshots circulating on the internet. To familiarize readers with this car, ZukuNftNarrative will provide an overview based on the model that has already been launched in China.

Wuling can be considered a pioneer of Chinese automotive brands that have marketed electric cars in Indonesia. They started by selling the Air EV in 2022, followed by the Binguo EV a year later. One common feature among Wuling’s electric cars sold in Indonesia is that they were already sold in China.

The rumor of the Cloud EV’s arrival in Indonesia surfaced when SAIC GM Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd, based in Guangxi, China, registered the Cloud EV patent in Indonesia. In December 2023, spyshots of a car believed to be the Cloud EV testing on Indonesian roads with camouflage covering its body also emerged. In reality, this car had already been launched in its home country of China on August 10, 2023, under the name Baojun Cloud, which means “cloud” in Chinese. It is worth noting that Baojun is under the joint venture GM-SAIC-Wuling, which Wuling is also a part of.

The Cloud EV is available in several variants in China, with prices ranging from 95,800 to 123,800 yuan (approximately IDR 207.6 million to 268.3 million). For comparison, these prices are higher than the Binguo EV in China, which starts at 59,800 yuan (approximately IDR 129.6 million). The Cloud EV is available in four variants in its home country, namely 360 Plus, 360 Pro, 460 Pro, and 460 Max. It comes in three colors: white, purple, and green.

The Cloud EV features a rounded exterior design with cloud-themed elements. It has LED daytime running lights that extend across the front of the car, while the main headlights are located on each side of the bumper. The exterior also includes a panoramic sunroof that brings natural light into the cabin. The side of the vehicle has prominent fenders, and the door handles are flush with the body, giving it a clean look. The Cloud EV rides on 18-inch alloy wheels and has a sporty touch with a spoiler and diffuser at the rear. Inside, the 5-seater cabin showcases cloud-themed stitching on the seats, providing a comfortable and plush feel. It features a 15.6-inch head unit screen and an 8.8-inch instrument panel. The Cloud EV has a length of 4,295 mm, width of 1,850 mm, height of 1,652 mm, and a wheelbase of 2,700 mm.

In terms of battery and range, the Cloud EV offers two options: a 37.9 kWh battery with a maximum range of 360 km and a 50.6 kWh battery with a maximum range of 460 km. It also supports slow charging and fast charging, with the fast charging option promising a 30-minute charge from 30% to 80% battery capacity. The interior of the Cloud EV is simple yet luxurious, featuring wooden accents on the dashboard and center console. It comes with various technologies such as voice command, remote control via an app, adaptive cruise control, and a six-speaker audio system. The higher-end variant includes ambient lighting with 256 colors, wireless charging, and an electric tailgate.

Considering Wuling’s aggressive approach to marketing electric cars in Indonesia, it is highly likely that the Cloud EV will be introduced here. The patent registration and spyshots further support this possibility. The Cloud EV is a hatchback-shaped electric car known for its range of 360 km to 460 km. Its exterior design features tiered lines and rounded body contours. Some foreign media even refer to it as a Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV), although Indonesians may perceive it as a hatchback.

To summarize, Wuling Cloud EV is an upcoming electric car that is rumored to launch in Indonesia in 2024. It is expected to follow the footsteps of Wuling’s previous electric models, the Air EV and Binguo EV, which were already introduced in China. The Cloud EV offers a range of 360 km to 460 km and features cloud-themed design elements. It is equipped with various advanced technologies and has a luxurious interior.

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