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Melihat 5 Fitur Terbaru Toyota T-Intouch yang Semakin Lengkap

T Intouch Toyota

Jakarta — PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) has recently introduced 5 new features to its T-Intouch service.

T-Intouch is a vehicle telematics system that allows users to track the position of their cars and access other useful information remotely using their mobile phones.

The five new features in Toyota’s T-Intouch include Time Fencing, Speed & Idle Alert, Guest Driver Alert, Driving Report, and Safe Driving Reward.

So, what are the functions of each of these new features in T-Intouch?

5 New Features of T-Intouch

Time Fencing

The first new feature in T-Intouch is time fencing, which provides notifications when the vehicle is used outside the specified time period.

Actual notifications will be sent to the user’s mobile phone and can be viewed in the inbox of the mTOYOTA application.

Speed & Idle Alert

This feature provides notifications when the vehicle exceeds the speed limit, remains idle for a certain duration, or moves below the specified speed limit.

The purpose of this feature is to ensure safety and maintain fuel efficiency by preventing the vehicle from staying idle for too long.

Guest Driver Alert

This feature provides notifications regarding the distance, speed limit, and time limit when the vehicle is used by someone else.

This feature is particularly useful for owners when their car is being driven by valet attendants.

Driving Report

This feature records daily and monthly travel history to monitor vehicle usage.

This feature is beneficial for reviewing the use of the car periodically through the application.

Driving Report is an enhancement of Trip Driving Update, which includes data summaries and alerts for customers.

Safe Driving Reward

Lastly, this feature offers rewards for extending insurance policies to T-Intouch customers who use Toyota Insurance.

This new feature aims to provide a sense of security and comfort for T-Intouch customers.

These five new features in T-Intouch are available as of September 2023.

Simply download the latest version of the mTOYOTA application to use them.

The introduction of these 5 new features in T-Intouch is Toyota’s effort to create peace of mind.

The Japanese brand has also conducted research on the needs of the community based on data.

From this data, Toyota has enhanced the T-Intouch features according to the needs of the community.

This flagship feature of Toyota is available in many models, including:

  • Agya GR Sport
  • Alphard (All Grade)
  • Avanza (G TSS)
  • bZ4X (All Grade)
  • C-HR (All Grade)
  • Altis (All Grade)
  • Corolla Cross (All Grade)
  • Fortuner (All Grade)
  • Kijang Innova (V, Venturer)
  • Innova Zenix (All Grade)
  • Land Cruiser (All Grade)
  • Vellfire (All Grade)
  • Veloz (Q & Q TSS0
  • Vios (G & G TSS)
  • Voxy (All Grade)
  • Yaris (All Grade)
  • Yaris Cross (S Grade)

Here is the complete list of features available in T-Intouch:

  • Find My Car
  • Geofencing
  • Stolen Vehicle Tracking
  • Vehicle Info
  • E-Care (Maintenance)
  • Driving Report
  • Inquiry & Support Center
  • Road Assistance
  • Safe Driving Reward
  • Time Fencing
  • Speed & Idle Alert
  • Guest Driver Alert


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