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Ingin Membeli Suzuki Grand Vitara Tahun 2010? Ketahui Terlebih Dahulu Keunggulan dan Kelemahannya.

Suzuki Grand Vitara

Suzuki Grand Vitara, produced in 2010, can be an alternative choice for ZukuNftNarrative users who are looking for an SUV. In Indonesia, this car is the third generation model that is locally assembled and sold under the name Grand Vitara. Suzuki sold the Grand Vitara from 2006 to 2017. The new model has been replaced by the Indian-made Grand Vitara. Interestingly, many people claim that one of the best models of the Suzuki Grand Vitara is the 2010 production year. Looking at its history, this car comes with two engine options, a 2,000 cc, 4-cylinder engine and a 2,400 cc, 4-cylinder engine. The 2,000 cc, 4-cylinder engine with the code J20A was officially sold in 2009, while the 2,400 cc, 4-cylinder engine with the code J24B was sold in 2012. According to users, the 2010 production model of the Grand Vitara has some advantages and disadvantages that need to be known. We will discuss the pros and cons of this 5-passenger capacity car for ZukuNftNarrative users who are interested in buying a used car. What are they?

Advantages of the Suzuki Grand Vitara 2010:
1. Cool Design: Despite being 13 years old, the design of the 2010 Grand Vitara still looks stylish. Many people agree that this car has an immortal or youthful look compared to modern designs. If you want a more modern and stylish look, you can choose the facelift version with the powerful 2,400 cc engine.
2. Powerful Performance: The engine of the Grand Vitara has a love and hate relationship. On one hand, the engine has a pleasant driving experience, especially for long distances. On the other hand, the fuel consumption of the 2010 Vitara is considered to be a bit high for city driving. It is recommended to choose the 2,400 cc engine for better performance. The bigger engine can handle the heavy body better. According to some users, the fuel consumption of the 2,400 cc engine is around 1:7-9 km/liter for city driving and 1:12-13 km/liter for highway driving with constant speed.
3. Good Handling: The Grand Vitara is known for its responsive handling. It has independent suspension on all wheels and the steering provides precise feedback. Maneuvering this SUV is not difficult and it provides a pleasant driving experience.
4. Quiet Cabin: The cabin of the Grand Vitara is more soundproof compared to its rival, the Honda CR-V. Some people even claim that the Grand Vitara is more soundproof than the Honda CR-V Turbo. The quality of components such as rubber, plastic, and panel gaps contribute to the cabin’s soundproofing.

Disadvantages of the Suzuki Grand Vitara 2010:
1. Stiff Suspension: The suspension of the Grand Vitara is known to be stiff, both at the front and rear, which can be felt by the passengers. The stiff suspension is expected to provide better handling compared to its predecessor, but some users complain about its stiffness.
2. Vulnerable Radiator: Owners are advised to regularly check the condition of the radiator. Overheating is a common issue with this car. Overheating can cause the cylinder head to warp due to excessive heat. So, it is important to check the engine cooling system before buying the car.
3. Limited Cabin Space: Although the car looks spacious from the outside, the cabin is quite cramped for adult passengers. The legroom for both the driver and passengers is average and not something to boast about. The cargo space is also not as big compared to its competitors or modern cars.
4. Outdated Interior Design: While the exterior design still looks cool, the interior design feels outdated. The head unit in the center looks like a calculator with small buttons. The steering wheel also feels old, and the AC vents on the dashboard are quite noticeable.
5. Poor Transmission: The transmission of the 2010 Grand Vitara has received complaints from users. In Sport mode, the transmission seems confused in shifting gears, especially on long uphill drives. In Normal mode, the transmission feels sluggish in delivering the power generated by the engine. This sluggishness is believed to be due to the drive-by-wire calibration that prioritizes fuel efficiency.
6. Expensive Spare Parts: Another disadvantage that potential owners should consider is the high price of spare parts. For example, the original radiator from Suzuki’s official website is priced at Rp6.7 million for the automatic transmission and Rp4.8 million for the manual transmission. The front shock absorber component is priced at Rp1.5 million per side. The body components are also expensive. For example, the rear bumper is sold at Rp6.5 million for the original part.

Conclusion: The 2010 Grand Vitara is still suitable for both city and highway driving. Many people believe that this car is more suitable for long-distance driving due to its fuel consumption. The maneuverability of the car adds to the driving pleasure compared to other SUVs. However, the Grand Vitara may not be as popular as its closest competitor, the Nissan X-Trail. The X-Trail offers a more powerful engine, comfortable suspension, and a timeless design similar to the Grand Vitara.

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