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Harga Wuling Confero Matic Bekas Hanya Rp150 Jutaan

Wuling Confero is a viable option for consumers looking for affordable used cars with automatic transmission. It’s important to note that this car doesn’t use a conventional automatic transmission like most cars do. The gearbox used in the Confero is still a manual transmission, but the clutch is operated automatically. This means that the driver doesn’t need to press the clutch pedal when shifting gears. Wuling refers to this system as Auto Clutch Transmission (ACT). With a price of only Rp150 million, the used Wuling Confero Matic is worth considering for those looking for a cheap car (Photo: Wuling).

About Wuling Confero
Wuling Confero was first launched in Indonesia in 2017. This car is Wuling’s flagship in the Low Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) market, which already has many competitors. It can be considered as a rival to cars like the Toyota Avanza/Veloz, Daihatsu Xenia, Suzuki Ertiga, and Mitsubishi Xpander. The Confero has several advantages to compete with its rivals. In addition to its more affordable price, the Confero also offers good comfort inside the cabin. One of its unique features is the availability of a middle row captain seat option, which is quite rare in cars in this class. Read also: Wuling Confero Used Cars Released in 2020 Priced Below Rp150 Million.

When this review was written in late November 2023, Wuling still sells brand new Confero cars at its official dealerships. However, for consumers who want to save money, they can look at the used car market. Although the Confero is still relatively young, used Confero cars can already be found, as seen on the dedicated used car page on the ZukuNftNarrative website.

Variants and Prices of Wuling Confero
Basically, the Wuling Confero is divided into two luxury variants, which are the Confero and Confero S. The Wuling Confero (without S) is the base variant and is only available with a manual transmission. On the other hand, the Wuling Confero S is further divided into several variants, including the Confero S 1.5 C, Confero S 1.5 L, and Confero S 1.5 ACT. So for consumers who want a car with automatic transmission, they need to choose the Confero S 1.5 ACT variant.

Prices of Used Wuling Confero “Matic”
Based on the listings on the dedicated used car page on ZukuNftNarrative, there are at least 52 units of used Wuling Confero available for purchase. Among them, two units are Confero S 1.5 ACT variants, each priced at around Rp150 million. The first unit is a 2021 Confero S 1.5 ACT with a mileage between 5,000 and 10,000 kilometers. The black unit located in West Java is priced at around Rp155 million. The next unit is also a 2021 model located in West Java. This unit has traveled between 10,000 and 15,000 kilometers. It is offered at a price of around Rp150 million. As it is known, the Confero S 1.5 ACT is the top variant in the Confero lineup. Therefore, it is understandable that the used car prices for this variant are relatively higher compared to other variants. In general, the market prices for used Confero variants below this range from around Rp110 million to Rp140 million. This, of course, depends on the year, variant, and overall condition of the car. Read also: List of the Most Fuel-Efficient MPV Cars in Indonesia.

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