help stop covid covid Covid Secondary Exposure Rules

Covid Secondary Exposure Rules

COVID 19 contact tracing infographic High risk v2 4

Individuals who are fully vaccinated do not need to quarantine. Avoid sharing the same space within the home, including being in the same room.

Contact Tracing Flow Chart
Contact Connecticuts Contact Tracing Platform

If not fully vaccinated, stay home and limit interactions with others.

COVID 19 contact tracing infographic High risk v2 4

Covid secondary exposure rules. This is considered exposure regardless of whether one or both parties were wearing a mask. Their risk of infection is low. Changes to isolation requirements for secondary close contacts in victoria.

As a close contact, you do not need to quarantine. It makes a distinction between people who had mild symptoms, and those who. Specifically, the new guidance suggests that those spending a total of 15 minutes of contact with an infectious person over the course of a 24.

Advise hcp to monitor themselves for fever or symptoms consistent with covid. The last potential exposure would initially be determined by the case investigator. Stay home until 14 days after last exposure and maintain social distance (at least 6 feet) from others at all times;

You should wear a mask indoors in public for 14 days following exposure or until your test result is negative. Space to play or pause, m to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume. Contact your health care provider for a test.

Do not go to work, school, or public areas. Check for fever or respiratory symptoms. Such employees may be eligible for other leave, including sick leave, or other benefits such as disability insurance, paid.

Close Contact And Casual Contact The Differences Explained

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COVID 19 contact tracing infographic High risk v2 4
Contact Tracing For Covid-19


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