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Apa Kelebihan dan Kekurangan Toyota Yaris Cross yang Perlu Diketahui?

Perbedaan Toyota Yaris Cross

Toyota Yaris Cross is now officially available in Indonesia. The pros and cons of the Yaris Cross are important considerations for those who want to buy this car. Offered in 6 variants, the Yaris Cross is priced at IDR 351-449.95 million. It is currently the cheapest hybrid SUV in Toyota’s product line in Indonesia. The SUV is available in two engine options, conventional petrol and hybrid. Most people are familiar with the name Yaris and immediately think of a sporty hatchback when they hear it. However, it should be noted that the Toyota Yaris Cross and Toyota Yaris hatchback only share a similar name. The engines and platforms used in both cars are different. Like any other car, the Toyota Yaris Cross has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Toyota Yaris Cross:
1. Offered in Multiple Variants: The Yaris Cross is available in six variants in Indonesia, four of which are equipped with petrol engines (1.5 G MT, 1.5 G CVT, 1.5 S CVT, and 1.5 S CVT with GR Parts Aero Package) and two with hybrid engines (1.5 S HV CVT and 1.5 S HV CVT with GR Parts Aero Package). This allows potential buyers to choose a Yaris Cross that suits their needs and budget.

2. Affordable Price: The price of the Toyota Yaris Cross is quite affordable. The petrol variants range from IDR 350-410 million, while the hybrid variants are priced below IDR 500 million. Compared to other Toyota hybrid models, the Yaris Cross is the cheapest. For example, the Toyota Kijang Innova Zenix hybrid is currently priced from IDR 464-620 million, the Corolla Cross GR Sport Hybrid is priced at IDR 602.1 million, the Corolla Altis Hybrid is priced at IDR 593.3 million, and the Camry Hybrid is priced at IDR 937.4 million.

3. Available in Multiple Colors: The Yaris Cross is available in a wide range of colors, including Platinum White Pearl, Spicy Scarlet, Silver Metallic, Super White II, Greenish Greenmetal M.M, Attitude Black Mica, and Dark Red M.M for the petrol variants. The hybrid variants have color options such as Attitude Black Mica/Platinum White Pearl, Attitude Black Mica/Silver Metallic, Attitude Black Mica/Spicy Scarlet, Super White II, Greenish Greenmetal M.M, Attitude Black Mica, and Dark Red M.M.

4. Hybrid Engine Option: Unlike its competitors such as the Honda HR-V and Hyundai Creta, the Yaris Cross offers a hybrid engine option. The petrol variants are equipped with a 1,500 cc, 4-cylinder, Dual VVT-i engine that produces 106 hp and 138 Nm of torque. The hybrid variants have a 1,500 cc engine combined with a lithium-ion battery and electric motor. The conventional engine produces 91 hp and 121 Nm of torque, while the electric motor generates 80 hp and 141 Nm of torque. The hybrid model also features a compact lithium-ion battery that does not take up much space in the cabin.

5. Advanced Features: The Yaris Cross comes with various advanced features to enhance driving comfort. Some of these features include a Panoramic Glass Roof with Power Sunshade, Seamless Electric Power Back Door with Kick Sensor, advanced safety features such as Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, Vehicle Stability Control, Blind Spot Monitor, and Rear Cross Traffic Alert. It also has Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) and T Intouch telematics for active safety and connectivity.

Disadvantages of Toyota Yaris Cross:
1. Average Engine Power: The Yaris Cross has two engine options, but the power output is not exceptional. The petrol variant has a power output of 106 hp, while its competitor, the Honda HR-V, has a power output of 119.3 hp (174.5 hp for the RS variant). The Hyundai Creta has a power output of 113.4 hp.

2. Absence of Paddle Shift: Not all Yaris Cross variants are equipped with Paddle Shift. This feature is only available in the S variant of the petrol model. Its competitors, the Honda HR-V and Hyundai Creta, already have this feature.

Overall, the Toyota Yaris Cross is a reasonably priced SUV with multiple variants, hybrid engine option, and advanced features. However, its engine power may not be as powerful as some of its competitors, and not all variants have Paddle Shift.

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