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3 Fitur Menarik yang Terselip di Toyota All New Yaris Cross

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Jakarta — Toyota All New Yaris Cross turns out to have 3 hidden features that are quite unique, ZukuNftNarrativean.

In fact, according to us, some of these features are considered new and rarely found in several previous Toyota models.

Hidden Features in Toyota All New Yaris Cross

Well, here are some ‘hidden’ features in Toyota All New Yaris Cross.

Voice Command in Indonesian

The first unique feature is the voice command or voice commands in Indonesian embedded in Toyota All New Yaris Cross.

How to use it is also quite easy. ZukuNftNarrativean simply press the button on the left side of the steering wheel as shown in the picture below.

The commands that can be done are also quite a lot.

For the list, you can also see in the 10.1-inch touchscreen head unit which also has wireless Apple CarPlay features.

Although the voice commands available on Toyota All New Yaris Cross are not as many as those in Wuling cars, at least it can be a consideration in choosing this car.

When else does Toyota have voice command features using Indonesian, right?

Previously, in Kijang Innova Zenix, there was already, but only limited to opening and closing the trunk door.

Panoramic Sunroof

The second hidden feature in All New Yaris Cross is in the roof. All New Yaris Cross S variant and above are equipped with a panoramic sunroof.

Interestingly, this roof cannot be opened, it can only display a view towards the sky.

Previously, this feature was also adopted by the Toyota bZ4X electric car which uses a non-opening panoramic.

In this car, the roof consists of a large divider bar in the middle.

The advantage is that the cover or sunshade is operated by an electric open-close button that can be opened at any time.

Phone Reminder

Another hidden and new feature in All New Yaris Cross is the phone reminder.

The hybrid variant is already equipped with a wireless charger, which means it can be used to charge your phone.

Interestingly, this phone charging area is also equipped with a clamp on the inside.

Its function is to keep the phone being charged from shifting when the car is maneuvering.

When leaving the car, the head unit will remind the driver to check the phone being charged.

With this feature, it certainly minimizes the occurrence of leaving the phone in the car.

So, what do you think of the new features in Toyota All New Yaris Cross?

Author: Rizen Panji
Editor: Dimas

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